Friday, June 30, 2017

Physicians’ Untold Stories with Dr. Scott Kolbaba

"Physicians’ Untold Stories" Doctors' true stories of miracles, the afterlife, divine intervention, power of prayer Dr. Scott Kolbaba

Get ready to be inspired. Get ready for true stories of miracles, death & the afterlife, divine interventions, the power of prayer & above all hope & inspiration.

Doctors work in life-and-death situations every day. But, what happens when they encounter something, even they can’t explain scientifically? Dreams foretelling future events, apparitions, and other miraculous experiences fill this book, as practicing doctors recount the most unusual moments of their careers.
Our guest tonight, Dr. Scott J. Kolbaba, a practicing internist, interviewed 200 courageous physicians who came forward with 26 of the most miraculous experiences of their careers. These stories have been chronicled in his new book, "Physicians’ Untold Stories". Dreams foretelling future events, apparitions & other miraculous experiences come to life within its pages.



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